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Top 10 High Schools in Adelaide – Adelaide High School Ranking 2021

If you’re wondering about a list of the best schools in Adelaide, then you’ve come to the right place. Adelaide is one of the calmest and livable cities of southern Australia. Famous for its rich historical journey and churches. 

However, it is a great place to endeavor education. You can admit your child to any of the schools in Adelaide. Naturally, though, there is some difference in quality. This article will talk about the top 10 high schools in Adelaide that will be worth studying. 

Top 10 Best Public high schools in Adelaide

top 10 high schools in adelaide

Now, if you’re a permanent resident of Adelaide and looking for the best public high school, this article might help you in that case. We’ve listed ten of the best public high schools in Adelaide down below. Such as:

01. Glenunga International High School

Glenunga International High School

Glenunga International High School is famous for motivating every student to develop their potential as students and leaders. The institution also helps its scholars to be kind and morally fraught.

This school offers a comprehensive range of curriculum to its students, including Science, Technologies, Arts, Languages, Mathematics, English and so on. In addition, they teach their students moral values and ethics. 

The school was founded in 1903. Now the school has nearly 1773 students with a 1:15 teacher-student ratio. The female-male ratio in Glenunga International High School is 1:1.12. 

However, the school has an outstanding academic result as well. The school has been gradually maintaining its “state overall score” since 2012.

02. Marryatville High School

Marryatville High School

Marryatville High School is a very high-rated school in South Australia. That is because this public school has a considerable number of students. The school consists of a 1:75 teacher-student ratio. It means a good number of total students.

In the late 18th century, Marryatville High School began its programme of education. Predominantly, the school started with an undividedly different name. It was “Norwood Model School” back then. However, after 1976, the school changed its name to Marryatville High School. 

Marryatville High School tends more into cultural education and sports than grumpish theoretical knowledge. There are four curricula which are, Tennis, Music, Drama and Language. 

The very first principal of Marryatville High School was Glen McArthur, who served till 1991. He took the reputation and well-establishment of Marryatville High School on an entirely different level.

03. Adelaide High School

Adelaide High School

In 1908, Adelaide high school was the first government public school in the Australian Commonwealth. At this moment, this school consists of more than 1500 students. It serves as an excellent dynamic educational environment for its students.  

In 1979, it was the only Language School in the entire Australia. But at present, the school offers a tremendous number of degrees to the student. This school also welcomes international students cordially. 

Apart from academic excellence, Adelaide High School also plays a leading role in co-curricular activities. They have plenty of clubs in their school. Amongst them, Art Club, English Club, Debating Club, Mathematics Club, Media Club, Science Club, Auslan Club, Spanish Club are the chief. 

04. Cornerstone College 

Cornerstone College

Cornerstone College is one of the leading Christian co-educational institutions, which was founded in 1990. Despite being new in the rat race, the institution has successfully acquired an immense number of admissibility from all over the state. It is a non-selective college. This college is currently catering to more than 700 students from 7-12 years.

The college provides exceptional facilities and a soothing student-friendly environment. It consists of a 1:18 teacher-student ratio and 1:0.97, which is the male-female student ratio.

However, Cornerstone College is enormously great in providing education as well. It has a vast campus and a successful alumni association. Both of these help students make their careers concentrated. For which, they get an eternal guideline in stubborn circumstances. 

05. Mitcham Girls High School 

Mitcham Girls High School

This school is unconventional from other schools we reviewed earlier. Because Mitcham Girls High School doesn’t provide co-education, it is only permitted for girls. Besides, it’s one of the top-rated girls’ schools in Adelaide, consisting of 820 students. 

In 1964, the school was established with an inclusive history. Also, have a vast alumni association filled with experts in various sectors like business, medical, science, and arts. 

However, Mitcham Girls High School is also prominent and well-known for its unique academic excellence. Each year, around 97% of 12th-grade students pass out from school and gain entry into tertiary education afterwards. 

Nevertheless, if you’re anxious about your beloved girl’s future and endeavouring the best school for her, then Mitcham Girls High School would be the most reliable option for you.

06. Heathfield High School 

Heathfield High School

Heathfield High School is a prominent government school and ranked among 128 schools in the Heathfield area, located in Adelaide, Southern Australia.

This school was built in 1963 and boosted its notoriety like the speed of a mythical unicorn. The school is very much well-known for its innovation and excellence. However, the campus of Heathfield High School is like a paradise on earth. It’s located in the middle of aesthetic Adelaide hills. 

Yet, Heathfield High School has umpteenth international students from countries like Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and more or less from all over the world. Every year, around 93-95 per cent of the students pass the South Australian Certificate Exam (SACE) from Heathfield High School.

07. Norwood Morialta High School

Norwood Morialta High School

Norwood High School and Morialta High school have a compilation version of Norwood Morialta High School. The amalgamation took place in 1993. Almost 1434 students from age 8 to 13 study in this school. Point to be noted; the school provides co-education. 

It is structured with plenty of curriculum for the students. Amidst them, Science, Technology, Arts, Business, Languages are the most major.

Norwood Morialta High School is a comprehensive and revisionist learning community located in the green eastern foothills of Southern Australia. It has two large campuses just three kilometres apart. 

However, if we had to write a gist about Norwood Morialta High School, I would say it is highly recommended for any student who wants to formulate a better career and craves quality knowledge. They won’t concede that much if they keep this school.

08. Blackwood High School

Blackwood High School

Blackwood High School is located in the enchanting foothills of Adelaide. It provides co-education as well. The school teaches its students to be more ethically loyal and makes every student a critical thinker. They also submit a very charming environment of education, by which students can continue their learning process endlessly.

This school was predominantly renowned for girls’ particular interest in the netball programme, first introduced in 1994. The school started its journey in 1961 and persisted with a swift flow. 

There are almost 965 students currently studying in Blackwood High School. This school has a 1:46 teacher-student ratio and a 1:1.12 male-female students ratio. 

09. Henley High School

Henley High School

Henley High School is one of the most top-rated public schools in Adelaide, Southern Australia. Consisting of around 1400 students, they provide their students with the opportunity for significant learning.

The school provides an extensive curriculum, including career guidance. They also have a sports academy by which students can focus on 11 athletic games. Also, they use digital tools to teach their students. It’s an outstanding initiative in this contemporary era of digitalization.

Henley High School was established in 1958 in Henley Beach, Southern Australia. Yet, at this time, the school is on top of the choice list for many guardians. 

10. Aberfoyle Park High School

Aberfoyle Park High School

Aberfoyle Park High School founded in 1984 for providing public co-education in the southern part of Australia. This school has a great legacy of tradition and academic success. They offer education in an amicable and natural environment. However, Aberfoyle Park High School is the largest public high school in Adelaide.

If we look alongside the quality education, this school also teaches basic moral quality and ethics to their students. However, the school has outstanding academic excellence. 

The school consists of a 1:43 teacher-student ratio and a 1:1.15 male-female student ratio. This pretty much sums up the sign of the essence of Aberfoyle Park High School. 

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a list down below of those public schools which we have missed. All these schools in the table are also outstanding in quality and prominent for their education. Have a look:

S.NName of the schoolInstitution TypeLocationTotal StudentsTeacher-Student Ratio
01Seaview High SchoolCo-educationMarion, SA7271:14
02Loxton High SchoolCo-educationLoxton, Murray and Mallee, SA5341:12
03Modbury High SchoolCo-educationTea Tree Gully, SA7761:12
04Waikerie High SchoolCo-educationWaikerie, Murray and Mallee, SA2861:12
05Woodville High SchoolCo-educationSt Clair, Charles Sturt, SA10041:12
06Mount Barker High SchoolCo-educationMount Barker, Adelaide Hills, SA6081:13
07Kapunda High SchoolCo-educationKapunda, Barossa, SA4671:12
08Mount Gambier High SchoolCo-educationMount Gambier, Limestone, SA8441:14
09Le Fevre High SchoolCo-educationSemaphore South, Port Adelaide, SA5411:11
10Bordertown High SchoolCo-educationBordertown, Limestone, SA2211:11


Reaching the end of the article, we expect you to know all the details about high schools well. If you’re still surfing in the ocean of confusion, I will request you to reread the article.

However, Australia is a great place to live and study or make money doing multiple businesses.  Adelaide is one of the most aesthetic provinces of Australia. Now, I’m pretty much sure that you don’t have any further confusion or inquiry about the best high school in Adelaide. Then what are you waiting for? Take your beloved child to one of the Top 10 High Schools in Adelaide we’ve discussed above. It will be the initial footstep of his utmost success.

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