Top 15 Schools in Melbourne

Top 15 Schools in Melbourne – Best School in Melbourne 2022

Changing cities is both troublesome for parents and children. Parents need to find a good neighborhood and a decent school to raise their children safely and academically. Children also need a healthy environment in a new place to cope with. Having moved to Melbourne recently, you might be wondering what school options are available to your child.

Here is a list of the Top 15 Schools in Melbourne to make that task a little easier. With this article, we hope to give you a virtual overview of the schools.

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Comparison list of schools in Melbourne

Beverley Hills Primary School (BHPS)1959Doncaster East572Co-education
St Catherine’s School1896Toorak730Girls 
Caulfield Grammar School – Caulfield Campus1881St Kilda East3315Co-education
Southmoor Primary School1963Moorabbin521Co-education
Korowa Anglican Girls’ School1890Glen Iris620Girls
Fitzroy Community School1976Fitzroy North1221Co-education
Doncaster Gardens Primary School2011Doncaster East722Co-Education
Burwood East Primary School1870Burwood East517Co-education
St Joseph’s Primary School Elsternwick1932Elsternwick160Co-education
North Melbourne Primary School1874North Melbourne820Co-education

List of 15 schools in Melbourne and their details

list of schools in melbourne

Are you looking for the best option in Melbourne to send your kid for better study? Please have a look at our pick of the top 15 schools in Melbourne. Such as:

Melbourne Grammar School:

In the area of South Yarra in Melbourne, this school provides students with general education. This leading school in Australia has a rich history of brilliance that dates back more than 160 years. 

In addition to providing a comprehensive education system, the school integrates factors that promote academic, emotional and community development for students. Students will be taught how to become independent yet creative and responsible in fulfilling their social responsibilities during their education.

Balwyn High School:

The state school is leading in its field of education because it offers a socially diverse community. It thus sets out to offer opportunities for improving the education of all those who attend.

Students at this high school benefit from a family-friendly learning environment, providing a safe space for studying. Moreover, the academic staff strives to remain among the most qualified in the field.

The school focuses on improving students’ wellbeing, transition, and engagement, thereby raising their performance.

The Mac. Robertson Girls’ High School:

Victoria’s Department of Education manages this school for girls dedicated to academic achievement.

On the campus, students are offered educational experiences that will prepare them for the future and prepare them for any challenges that they may face.

The school was founded in 1905 as the Melbourne Continuation School. The school aims to develop intellectual excellence in students, develop their leadership skills, and make them worthy citizens.

Students are taught in these schools to love learning, acquire confidence and respect for others, and prepare themselves for future challenges as they honour the traditions and histories of the past.

Alphington Grammar School:

Located in Melbourne’s northeastern suburbs, this high school offers co-ed education focusing on educating students for success.

A Grand Ball was recently held at Leonda by the Yarra to celebrate the school’s 30th anniversary. In celebrating its achievements over three decades, the school highlighted some key achievements.

In this school, both the teaching and non-teaching staff help to prepare students for the changing demands of life, work, and learning.

Moreover, they can assist students with reaching great heights not just in their academic career but also in sports and other activities.

Nossal High School:

This co-educational school was named one of the top schools in Victoria in 2018 because it offers a wide variety of courses and co-curricular activities.

It’s named after Sir Gustav Nossal, a scientist known for his achievements. The school’s academic courses are complemented by sports and music and various leadership training programs.

A skilled team of educators provides the best possible learning environment and outcomes for students at this school.

Fintona Girls’ School:

This independent school for girls was established in 1896 and offered a top-notch education for students ranging from ELC to 12th grade.

This educational organization is located in Balwyns and provides academic programs for students that help them to grow personally and succeed in school.

Students at this school are encouraged to succeed in all areas of development.

Fintona students receive not only standard education, but they also receive valuable life skills like working independently and overcoming obstacles.

Suzanne Cory High School:

It opened in 2011 in Werribee and offered education for talented students from the age of 9 to 12.

This selective entry school offers a large curriculum designed to encourage students to reach high levels of achievement.

During mid-year, the Victorian Department of Education and Training will conduct entrance examinations at TTOs government schools.

Learning and teaching models are based on research conducted at the international level.

Belgrave Heights Christian School:

The school was first established in 1983 as a primary school, but it has now developed into a co-educational K-12 school that teaches over 750 students.

A wide range of co-curricular offerings is available to students at this school for open enrolment.

Among the many characteristics of this school, you will find a beautiful and peaceful environment, excellent teaching, student engagement activities, leadership training, sports activities, and experienced staff.

An institution bearing Christ’s name aims to provide high-quality education in a Christian setting.

Camberwell Grammar School:

In 1886, A.B. Taylor founded this school for boys from the local community.

This approach is consistent with the current model of education. They follow a curriculum that provides academic instruction as well as arts, music, and sports instruction. In this school, teaching strategies are used in order to provide students with good civic training.

Students are also encouraged to support the practice of democracy, equal rights for all, and freedom of religion, speech, and association.

Christ Church Grammar School:

Its long history of academic success dates back to 1910, when it was founded as a primary and secondary school.

It aims to build good men, and each student is taught how to navigate this challenging environment positively.

School-based parents also support a vast array of school-related activities. The teaching methods aim to enrich the lives of boys by bringing out their full potential.

Al-Taqwa College:

An Islamic school in Victoria situated outside of Melbourne offers academic education of high standards to its students.

As well as encouraging academic improvement, the college also promotes leadership skills in its students, which help the students greatly in their future careers. A high-quality institute of learning, this school provides a comprehensive education that develops students’ talents and prepares them for life as independent adults.

In addition to teaching students problem-solving skills, the staff at this school promotes them.

Carey Baptist Grammar School:

A co-educational, independent, Christian school founded in 1923, this institution has four campuses in Victoria.

Since being recognized by the Council of International Schools in 2001, this organization has provided students with an option for selecting either the VCE or the International Baccalaureate (IB) program as their final criterion.

Here, the experienced teachers provide students with clear feedback that helps them to become more responsible and think and act accordingly.

In this school, the courses are designed based on the skills and benefits of each individual.

Erasmus Primary School:

Since its founding in 1996, this primary school has been dedicated to obtaining the best educational experience possible.

Dedicated instructors and support staff work together to help each child complete their schooling.

The Erasmus Primary School is one of 11 Renaissance schools worldwide dedicated to achieving success in academics, physical development, and creative endeavours.  As part of the teaching program, students learn things such as sharing, respecting others, and developing their personalities.

Shelford Girls Grammar:

The school was established in 1898 for girls in the Melbourne community, and it provides services to the community.

Here, the academic courses are intended to help students acquire a diversity of skills and abilities.

During the time spent at the school, staff and scholars collaborate in a supportive environment, encouraging them to achieve their potential. In addition, the institution belongs to girls sport Victoria and the Alliance of Girls School Australia.

Lauriston Girls School:

This institution, founded in 1901, is a nondenominational, self-governing independent day. That has a nonselective admissions policy.

Furthermore, they support co-educational kindergarten for children aged 3 to 4 and girls-only kindergarten for children aged 6 to 12.

A regional campus called Howqua was opened by Laurenston in the high Victorian country in 1993 and is exclusively for Year 9 students.

A student had never been exposed to an extensive academic, pastoral, and outdoor program during the entire school year until this program was introduced in Australia.


When choosing a school for children, you have to take a lot of things into account. The most important is to go to the place physically and checking the environment yourself. But we tried to cover the best outline you would like to know before you go yourself. I hope these top 15 schools in Melbourne have the potential so you can send your kids there.

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