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Top Schools in Canberra – A guide to all schools in Canberra

We are all well aware that choosing the right school is very important for yourself or your children and we will help you with it. Today we will look at some of the top schools and colleges in Canberra so that you can choose wisely. P.S the schools are in no particular order.

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Comparison Table of 10 More Schools in Canberra

InstituteEstablishment Enrollment NumbersLocationType
Gowrie Primary School1983200Gowrie ACTCoeducation
Kaleen Primary School1979478Kaleen ACTCoeducation
Campbell High School19522895Campbell ACTCoeducation
Malkara School197073Garran ACTCoeducation
Margaret Hendry School2019602Taylor ACTCoeducation
Cranleigh School1974620Holt ACTCoeducation
Lyneham High School19591069Lyneham ACTCoeducation
St Edmund’s College 19541200Griffith ACTCoeducation
Melrose High School19701014Pearce ACTCoeducation
Turner School1953430Taylor CoeducationCoeducation

List of the best schools in Canberra

Top Schools in Canberra

The number of schools in every city increases day by day, so it can be hard for you to choose one for your children because you want to give your children the best education. So, we’ve listed the best schools in Canberra.The top schools in Canberra are:

Melba Copland Secondary School:

Melba Copland is a dual campus school, and the classes are held in co-ed. As the name suggests, the school is situated in the Melba suburbs of Canberra. It is a governmental school, unlike a lot of the schools on this list. It is one of the best schools in the area and by far the best in its suburb. The ATAR for Melba Copland Secondary School is 79.15, separating it from the top 20 percent in the country. It was established in 1978. In 2007 the government decided on merging Copland College and Melba High School.

Trinity Christian School:

Trinity Christian School is another one to mention as one of the top schools in Canberra. It is one of the many co-ed schools we will talk about in this article. It is also a private school or an independent school, if you may. It aims to teach kids biblically. Classes from K to 12th year are all available. It is situated in the suburb of Wanniasa and has an ATAR of 79.35, also narrowly missing out on the top 20 percent in the country.

Dickson College:

Dickson College was established in 1976 after Dickson High School closed, taking for the campus. It is also one of the few governmental schools on this list. It is located in the Dickson suburb. It is a little better than Trinity Christian College, with an ATAR of 79.45. It follows a co-educational system as both boys and girls are welcome to enjoy class together. Mainly Dickson College focuses on 11 and 12 years, but other courses and plans are necessary.

Marist College:

Marist College is in the suburbs of Pearce. It is also the first non-co-ed establishment on the list, and only boys are allowed. It is an independent catholic school for boys from years 4 to 12. With an ATAR of 79.99, it actually edges out of the top 20 percent of the schools in the country. If you are looking for Catholic education, this might be the place to go.

Burgmann Anglican School:

Burgmann Anglican School is an Anglican Co-Ed school. They are also private or independent, whichever you please to say. They are the first school on the list with an ATAR higher than 80, with an ATAR of 80.65 percent. It is situated in the suburbs of Gungahlin. It has plans for students of pre-school to students of year 12.

Canberra Girls Grammar School:

Canberra Girls Grammar School is an independent school. Situated in the suburbs of Deakin and an ATAR of 84.1 is a really good school to go to if you have the chance. The school is predominantly for girls. It has co-ed from pre-school till year 2, but it is for only girls as no boys are enrolled from year 3 until year 12. It is also a semi-boarding school as boarding starts at year 7 till 12 as an option.

Orana Steiner School: 

Orana Steiner School is an independent and private establishment. It was founded in the year of 1981. This school is a co-ed and enrols students from pre-school till year 12. It can be found in the suburbs of Weston. This is one of the best Steiner systems following schools in the country and has an ATAR of 85.05. If you are looking for a Steiner school, this would be your best choice in the area.

Narrabundah College: 

Narrabundah College is another one of the government schools on our list. It is established in the suburb of Narrabundah itself. It was established in 1974, and since then, they have been on co-ed. It helps students through years 11 and 12. It was the first college in Australia to offer an IB, starting the program in 1974. It also has an ATAR of 85.65.

Brindabella Christian College: 

Brindabella Christian College is the second Christian college on our list. It is also private. It is in the suburbs of Lyneham. It is co-educational and highly favors Christian learnings. It is a primary and secondary day school for all. It was established in 1980 as O’Connor Christian School and since then provides education from kindergarten to year 12. It has an ATAR of 87.55, cementing itself as one of the top schools in the country. If you are looking for a Christian school in the area, this might be your best bet.

Radford College: 

Radford College is by far the best school on this list so far. It has an ATAR of 91.85, proving itself as one of the best such schools in the whole of Australia. It is an independent school. It follows Anglican co-ed as a day school. It is situated in the suburb of Bruce in Canberra. Found in 1984, it was named after Bishop Lewis Bostock Radford. Education from pre-school to year 12 is available with a lot of courses in the mix.

Lyneham High School: 

Lyneham High School is another one of our governmental schools. As the name suggests, it is in the suburbs of Lyneham. It was found in 1959 and had 2 different enrichment programs called LEAP and SEAL. It is a co-educational secondary school. At it, a maximum of just over one thousand is enrolled in the school. The school is mainly known for its performing arts programs and different art classes. They offer different performance-based music classes, drama and dance classes, and an opportunity to participate in theatre productions.

Ainslie School:

Ainslie is an ACT school or an Australian Capital Territory school like all the others. That is called co-ed for students of pre-school and kindergarten. The school houses students till year 6, and any student in that range has automatic enrollment in the school. It is a pretty well-known starting school in Canberra. for each year, the age has to be correct within April the 30th; otherwise, they have to wait for the next year’s enrollment.

The Woden School:

Those who meet the ACT Disability Criteria may be enrolled in a unique high school and college program. There are also students with intellectual disabilities accompanied by extreme medical conditions and additional sensory, physical, or behavioural disabilities. Small class size guarantees individual instruction for all students.

A variety of transition and post-school options are gradually offered to students and their families. National and international research findings show that identifying and planning programs and activities must be coordinated to provide young people with the best opportunities to become contributing members of their community. 

Kingsford Smith School:

The Kingsford Smith School Holt is a Coed Day School that attends hundreds of students within the school from kindergarten to 12th grade. Each academic year at Kingsford Smith School begins at the beginning of April.

One of the top schools in Canberra is the Kingsford Smith School, Canberra, which teaches the Australian Curriculum (Australian Curriculum). The teachers and staff at this Australian Curriculum (Australian Curriculum) school in Canberra are dedicated and professional, ensuring the children receive the best education possible. There have been exceptional results in the academic arena since the school opened, as well as excellent results in extracurricular activities.

Wanniassa School – Junior Campus

Wanniassa School – Junior Campus Wanniassa School has been serving the educational needs of students from KG to XII for many years. Every academic year, classes at Wanniassa School – Junior Campus begin in April.

Wanniassa School – Junior Campus, Canberra is one of the top schools in Canberra, offering the Australian Curriculum (Australian Curriculum). The teachers and staff at this Australian Curriculum (Australian Curriculum) school in Canberra are dedicated and professional, ensuring the children receive the best education possible. In academics and co-curricular activities, the school has demonstrated outstanding results.


We all know schools are an important part of anyone’s life as it doesn’t only educate us, but it teaches us lifestyle, it teaches us friendship, which is why we should always choose the best school for ourselves. These were the best schools in Canberra, Australia. We hope this helps as an informative page and help you if you are looking for a school.

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